36th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

19th-21st of September 2019 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 2

The seven words

Cecylia Płoszajska, Mikołaj Straus, Artur Z. Wiśniewski / 18 / Poland / 03:25

Film based on the line „Seven Words” by Jerzy Fickowski. Special award winner of the Project „Fickowski”, in the Warsaw Film School and Warsaw Flm High school, raises a subject of kids at the time of Holocaust.

The Hedgehog

Marek Julian Kawka / 20 / Poland / 05:13

We all tend to look for things. What are the nameless protagonist of „The Hedgehog” looking for? Does it even matter?

The Light

Natalia Parzymies/19/Poland/02:17

Light - he's been waiting his whole life for this, a film about UFOs, cats and the irony of life.

Kolibri und Giraffe / Hummingbird and giraffe

Minou Kropp / 9 / Germany / 01:45

Are hummingbird and giraffe can live in symbiosis?


Deana, Robert, Mohamed, Matthew, Awam, Shelley / 10-11 / Australia / 08:23

Tu będzie opis.

Reverse Commuting

Dominik Le Hai / 20 / Poland / 05:00

The main character is trying to escape from the surrounding reality. He sees mysterious characters around her. Video clip.

Evening with perspective

Paweł Szałąjko / 19 / Poland / 29:57

Adam on the eighteenth birthday of a friend wonders what the adulthood is.

General Cleaning

Daria Khomyakova, Andrusch Veselod / 18 / Russia / 01:45

Tu będzie opis.


Magdalena Miśkiewicz / 21 / Poland / 05:28

Young, private boy on a walk with a dog, loses the dog. At all costs trying to to find him. The search for a missing dog leads to a tragedy and causes a dramatic transformation of the teenager.


Konrad Milewski (ART Radziłów Crew Kids) / 13 / Poland / 03:24

The city in which stereotypes rules and Cube whose appearance is not accepted by others. Art Radziłów Crew Kids debut.

Constellation of a Man

Julia Polkowska / 17 / Poland / 03:46

The portrait of a living soul – shard of a matter in the universe so small that it could be nonexistent but yet so big, that it does exsist.

The gift of life

Hanna Gruss, Ewa Trejter / 9 / Poland / 01:40

What can make a child happy and become a dream gift of life?

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