35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 7


Saeed Naghavian / 21 / Iran / 13:00

A young man, after dark events in his life commits suicide. He is driven into a new world and unexpectedly faces a stranger.

Lift to the World

Wawrzyniec Turowski / 22 / Poland / 09:55

"Lift to the World" is a short documentary about woman, who is unable to leave her four walls, and begins to develop her passion. Painting the images of saints gives her hope for meeting the world.


Daniel Le Hai / 20 / Poland / 05:17

A surreal story of a chef who cooks soup with a rather unusual ingredients. The film is a black comedy whose goal is to criticize consumerism. Feature film.

Friend to the end

Bartek Kosmacz / 10 / Poland / 01:30

A short story about the relationnship between the shoe and his good spirit – a small guard who asked for his friend.


Mateusz Sylwant / 16 / Poland / 01:20

Living passion, do not forget to love.


James Barlow, Emma Parkinson / 19 / United Kingdom / 09:26

Wren doesn't remember anything abort being above. She is sleep walking trough her life until Mac arrives and makes her questions everything.


Tomasz Kurlej / 20 / Poland / 20:00

Tu będzie opis.


Wojtek Sztrekier (Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód) / 9 / Poland / 01:42

Two rascals catch the birds to the cage. Seeing the tree house, they are there hoping to catch the next one. Hippopotamus lives in the cottage. Horrified boys release the caught birds and hide themselves in a cage. Birds use and reverse the role.

All the best

Grupa filmowa Gimnazjum nr 1 w Luboniu / 15-16 / Poland / 16:05

The film was made at film workshops by students.

The Nap

Agata Siekielewska (Muliticentrum, Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna Biała Podlaska) / 11 / Poland / 00:41

The story of a cat`s nap.

On the clearing

Oliwia Rogoźnicka (Muliticentrum, Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna Biała Podlaska) / 10 / Poland / 00:21

The adventure of a rabbit with a shooting star.

The first day – madwoman gives the name

Sonia Barbara Warchoł / 19 / Poland / 02:40

The film about my name Sonia.

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