35th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

20th-22nd of September 2018 | Warsaw

Free entrance

Set 8


Urszula Taraszka / 18 / Poland / 01:44

The film is about passion.

The Collector

Piotr Krzysztof Kamiński / 20 / Poland / 18:00

"The Collector" is a monodrama that crosses borders between movie and theatre.


Karolina Biesiacka / 19 / Poland / 07:30

Nicholas is young boy whose dream is to fall in love.


Dominika Kuberka, Gabriela Boroń/ - / Poland / 01:40

Tu będzie opis.

Killing machine

Filip Kurzawa / 19 / Poland / 03:13

Tu będzie opis.

Dust of the Earth

Katarzyna Trzaska / 20 / Poland / 03:25

We all shaped by our life experiences. Humans are made from dirt and water highly malleable substance. Our malle ability is four more complex than evolutionary adaptation or human. Every person every event we encounter in life leaves a mark while forging our personality.


Piotr Trzęsowski / 20 / Poland / 04:16

Dysfunction 1. maladjustment of something to fulfill specific goals, tasks, expectations, disorder, maladjustment, 2. in biology: improper functioning of the cell, tissue, organ, or the whole organism.


Mateusz Buława, Monika Dróżdź / 21-22 / Polska / 09:15

At the beginning there are only white and black spots. The feeling of uncertanity is clearly present. The heaviness in the air brings shadows wchich are forming strange objects. With time they will transform into person.

Minute of Silence

Dominika Polak / 20 / Poland / 01:00

This is a cartoon-computer animation lasting a minute. It tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising, dated August 1, 1994. It is also important here the moving, Polish tradition of stopping yhe movement of cities, for a period of minute, in memory of the lost life of the Warsaw population durning the Second World War. Thi tradition gave the title of my animation and also defined its duration.


Jan Sobczyński / 22 / Polska / 02:20

Short story about thoughts on tolerance and differences in accessible form.

Watch Out

Daniel Le Hai / 20 / Poland / 05:57

The history of personalized clocks. The film tells about the positive and negative effects of technology. Animated movie.


Jędrzej Górski / 20 / Poland / 04:22

The story of a young boy struggling with his homosexual tendencies, and the faith in which he was brought up. The hero is in love with a man and at the same time feels attached to the Catholic religion. The hero in love must make a decision what he believes in during a rainy evening in the countryside.

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