36th International Film Festival

Dozwolone do 21 / Upto21

26th-28th of September 2019 | Warsaw

Free entrance


INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL DOZWOLONE DO 21/ UP TO 21 (hereafter referred to as “Festival”) will be held on 26.09.2019 - 28.09.2019.

2. Submissions are open to all filmmakers who are 21 years old or under at the time of completing their film.

3. The submitted films should have been completed after 1st January 2017.

4. The Festival is international and open to film submissions from Poland and abroad.

5. We accept all movie-making techniques and genres, submitted on DVD or miniDV in a format working on a stationary DVD player.

6. Films may be entered for the Festival by indywidual persons (hereafter referred to as “Participant”)or groups of persons may participate in the festival if they submit an entry as one (collective) Participant who were 21 years old or under at the time of completing their film.

7. Every entry should be recorded on a separate DVD and has to be marked with the film's:
a) title,
b) length,
c) filmmaker's name,
d) contact e-mail address,
e) telephone number

8. The Festival is open for submissions of fiction, documentaries, animation and audiovisual creations of any film genre with a running time no longer than 30 minutes. There are no restrictions as for the subjects of the Films submitted.

9. Organisers reserve the right to make copies of the films selected to take part in the competition screenings, the submitted films should not be copy protected.

10. Submitted films must be accompanied by the properly filled out and signed submission form. You should also include one still from the film on CD/DVD (a digital picture, JPG format, 300 DPI) and a short synopsis (3 to 5 sentences in english). The deadline for film submissions is July 20, 2019. Entries which do not contain a copy of the SUBMISSION FORM with a legible signature of the Participant will be automatically disqualified!

11. Films submitted for the Competitions with dialogue not in Polish or English must be subtitled in English on the exhibition copy or a digital version of the dialogue list in English must be enclosed with the submission.

12. The submitted film's copyrights cannot be limited, constitute an infringement of third party copyrights or personal interest. If this condition cannot be completed, the filmmaker has to attach a written statement explaining the film's legal situation.

13. Every film enters free of charge. Having submitted the film, the author accepts the organizers’ right to screen it in the official competition, broadcast, re-broadcast it on TV and Internet and use its excerpts for promotional purposes of DOZWOLONE DO 21/ UP TO 21 International Film Festival.

14. The deadline for film submissions is July 20, 2019.

A fully completed SUBMISSION FORM (available at www.upto21.pl) must be printed out and signed by the Participant. It must be posted along with a DVD screener of the film submitted, to:

Biblioteka Publiczna im. St. Staszica
w Dzielnicy Bielany m. st. Warszawy
ul. Romaszewskiego 19
01-874 Warszawa
with a note: 36th UP TO 21 IFF

15. Received entries will be evaluated by the Selection Committee, which will choose the films to be screened in the official competitions. Decisions of the Selection Committee are conclusive and irrevocable. The complete list of selected films will be available on Festival's website from 24th August 2019.

16. A professional Jury will judge the competition films. The list of winners will be announced on 28th September 2019.

17. Any prizes or financial awards contributed by the organisers and sponsors alike will be granted to the awarded film authors present at the "UP TO 21" IFF. Filmmakers who won't be able to attend the awards ceremony in Warsaw will only receive honourable diplomas. In special circumstances justified by other considerations, the film's author can delegate one representative to attend the awards gala. In this case, the organisers should receive a written notification (faxed or e-mailed) by September, 10th 2019. Should there be no notification from the film's author, the organisers will consider him or her absent.

18. Organisers reserve the right to store the copy of the film in the Festival's archive and use it for non-commercial purposes only (promotion of UP TO 21 IFF).

19. In order to participate in the Festival and Your arrival you should inform the organisers by 31st August 2019.

20. Entering the Competition equals the acceptance of the above Rules and Regulations, as well as the consent to processing of personal data by Biblioteka Publiczna im. St. Staszica w Dzielnicy Bielany m.st. Warszawy and Federation of Independent Filmmakers for promotional purposes of UP TO 21 IFF.

21. Organisers do not return copies of the submitted films.

22. Organisers do not take responsibility for possible loss or damage of the films owing to circumstances beyond our control. Mechanical damage may lead to disqualification of the film.

23. Festival Director will have a deciding vote in any disputes, not included in the regulations or demanding additional clarifications.

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Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland